Throw away whatever plain old bottle opener is currently dangling from your keys. The Shotgun Morta Tool is the best opener on the market, due to its various applications. The Shotgun Morta Tool has multiple uses;

  • Open a beverage with a sealed cap.
  • Pry up the ring-pull on a can (extra useful for those with nails!)
  • Shotgun a can.
  • Connect to a keychain.

The shot gun part will pierce an aluminium can smoothly, so you can chug from the bottom.


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Shotgun Morta tool

$9.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
  • Our Shotgun Morta Tool features a durable, lightweight plastic design which comes with multiple features.

    • For bottle opening uses, position the opener so that the metallic slate is underneath the bottle cap, and pry forward.
    • To shotgun, first gave the can a shake. Then position the long curved end of the opener onto the can, with the bottom lip sitting underneath the can. Push up so it sits in firmly, then leverage it forward until the can ‘pops’ and the hole has been created. Then open the can from the top and start chugging from the hole you’ve created at the bottom. Note you may want to do this outside, as this can get messy!
    • To pry up the ring-pull part of the can, slide the curved edge pf the opener to the ring-pull so that the tool curves away from the can. Position the ring-pull so that it sits in the gap between the curved part, and the bottom flat section of the opener, then pry upward.


    This product comes in Black, Blue, White, Yellow and Red.